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Adams, Nick, EM2 -Deceased  Bridges, Beau, SN -Assisted 
Bridges, Jeff, BM2 -Assisted  AUX Bridges, Jr., Lloyd, DCO -Deceased 
Caesar, Isaac Sidney (Sid), MU3c -Deceased  OFF Dempsey, William Harrison (Jack, Manassa Mauler, Kid Blackie), CDR -Deceased 
Ebsen, Christian Rudolph, Jr. (Buddy), LT -Deceased  Hale, Alan, Jr., SN -Deceased 
Haley, Alexander Palmer, JOC -Deceased  Mature, Victor John, BMC -Deceased 
Palmer, Arnold Daniel (The King), YN1 -Deceased  Romero, Jr., Cesar J. (Latin from Manhattan, Butch), BMC -Deceased 

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